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Masterplan Tutorials: Explore Our Homepage

We have redesigned our platform! You can now find the courses and features relevant to you even easier and faster on our new and improved homepage.

Masterplan Tutorials:
Login Without E-Mail

Our feature allows cashiers, couriers, factory or warehouse workers, and any other teams without a company e-mail address to access Masterplan and complete mandatory, product, or onboarding training.

Masterplan Tutorials: Creating Learning Paths

Build your own learning paths in just 4 steps! Combine Masterplan courses, internal content, links, videos, scorms and quizzes and offer your learners a personalized and fun learning experience.

Masterplan Tutorials: Creating Study Groups

Are your teammates dragging their feet on learning? Are you having trouble motivating yourself? The solution is study groups. In just a few simple steps, anyone can invite colleagues and learn more effectively.

Masterplan Tutorials: Editing Mandatory Learning Paths

Do you still spend too much time, money and effort organizing mandatory training for your employees? While managers can use Masterplan to quickly and easily create and assign their own mandatory trainings, they can be completed by learners just as easily.

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