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 Everyone needs it, hardly anyone has it: time. With our new video format, Masterplan helps you save some of  your most precious resource while  still getting focused training to improve your soft skills.
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Our Shorts at a Glance

Our conviction that concise, comprehensively explained content particularly simplifies learning is now being put to the test with a new video format: In our Masterplan Shorts, we explain a certain topic in two minutes, reducing it to the essentials while using humorous and everyday language.
Masterplan Shorts

Cognitive Biases:
Halo Effect

1 lesson

Don't let the halo fool you! In this Masterplan Short, you'll learn what factors cause us to see through rose-colored glasses so that you can avoid judging people unfairly– even if those judgments are positive, they can still be wrong!

Cognitive Biases:
Action Bias

When things go wrong, we want to act fast– but rash decisions and hasty thinking can often do more harm than good. In this Masterplan Short, learn to recognize when the best thing to do is nothing at all!

Cognitive Biases:
Planning Fallacy

Even the most experienced project managers can dramatically underestimate how difficult their projects will be– just ask the Berlin airport or the Sydney Opera House. Watch this Masterplan Short to learn what you can do to avoid falling victim to the Planning Fallacy.

Cognitive Biases:
Sunk Cost Fallacy

When we throw good money after bad, we've fallen victim to the Sunk Cost Fallacy. Discover why we often waste resources when it's actually too late, and how you can avoid this in your next project in this Masterplan Short.

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